Welcome into the world of a Flying Rhino
I am a member of the 89th Airlift Squadron, we call ourselves the Rhino's. We are part of the 445th Airlift Wing. We have flown on a Lockheed C-141Starlifter. We started flying this plane in 1992 and now in 2005 we are preparing to convert to the C-5 Galaxy. We must finally say goodbye to an old and faithfull friend. Even though this is a military aircraft we also fly a lot of humanitarian missions as well as normal cargo resupply and embassy support missions to name a few.  My position is an Instructor/Examiner Flight Engineer for the Air Force Reserve. The Flight Engineer sits behind the Copilot and is responsible for preflighting the aircraft and the operation of all essential aircraft systems as well as calculating all performance data that the pilot needs to fly the plane. This job is great in that it allows extensive travel to a lot of interesting places.
Conversion To the C-5 Galaxy
One of My Proudest Moments
The True Philosophy of the Reservist
My Aviation Related History
Tail 177, Hanoi Taxi, The Final Flight
My Air Force Reserve Unit

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