Official Mork and Mindy Website
All other Mork and Mindy websites are counterfeit and very Lame
Hi, My name is Mork

AKA Mr. Mork
AKA Little Mr. Mork
AKA Mr. Morkious
AKA Little Man
AKA Moe_ork
AKA Mr Moe_ork
AKA Morkius Maximus
AKA Mr Wiggles
AKA Mork Dork
AKA Dork Dork
AKA Dork Boy
AKA Morkius Dorkius
AKA Morkum Dorkum
AKA Dorkum Dorkum
Hi, My name is Mindy

AKA Miss Mindy
AKA Little Miss Mindy
AKA Miss Mindiferous
AKA Little Miss Mindiferous
AKA Little Lady
AKA Miss Mindious
AKA Little Miss Mindious

AKA Miss Priss
AKA Miss Plop

AKA Mindy the Great

Why Mindy the Great?
Because she thinks she is soooo  Great
We Have been told over and over again not to
make faces but we never listen.